• 地区:欧美
  • 导演:鲍·弗雷西斯 Sílvia Quer
  • 主演:弗朗西斯科·加里多 布兰卡·波蒂略 艾妲·弗尔奇 卡雷斯·法兰西诺 安东尼奥·德琴特 南乔·诺沃 Eva Santolaria 马丁尼奥·里瓦斯 阿莱克斯·莫尔纳 Noa Fontanals
  • 上映:2018
  • 更新:2019-01-14
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A man ends up in hospital after a car accident. He does not remember his name, but it is soon discovered he is a famous attorney. To make things worse, the police starts to suspect him of having murdered his missing niece.